Bareboat Charters

Bareboat Charters

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Why is bareboating in the Whitsundays so popular I hear you ask... Well not only do you have the option to choose your view everyday but you also get to experience the stunning treasures of The Great Barrier Reef right at your door step.

But don't take our word for it, have a look at what Tyneal Alexander and Nick Ray have to say about their bareboat charter.


What did you think of bareboating when you first heard of it?

It sounded like fun and a great way to explore the Whitsundays at your own leisure! 

With Nick’s sailing experience and sense of adventure, it made sense for us to hire the boat ourselves and go exploring. 


Why did you choose to go on a bareboating holiday in the Whitsundays?

We both are big lovers of the water and water activities PLUS it’s always nice to escape the Winter weather! 

Sunsail Whitsundays

Was this your first bareboat charter experience?

Nick has bareboated a few times now, but it was my first time – absolutely loved it. Loved the freedom and flexibility that comes with bareboating and found it to be a really relaxing and fun experience.


Have you ever come to the Whitsundays prior? If so, what did you do?

Yes, we both have been before. We’ve checked out the islands, Airlie Beach, Whitehaven, done the touristy things and then also tried to get off the beaten path a bit. It’s always a different experience each time, so never gets old.


What were your top 3 favourite spots in the Whitsundays that you stopped at during your charter?

Cid Harbour – we stopped here on our first night and experienced the most amazing sunset.

Stone Haven Bay – we made a new friend, Ian, here. A beautiful and super friendly turtle. This was definitely the highlight of our trip and a tip from one of the staff at Sunsail who suggested we spend some time around Ian Point. We weren’t disappointed. 

Windy Bay – this place was pristine and so untouched. We are already looking forward to coming back here to swim and explore the beaches on our next trip.

Sunsail Turtle

What were your top 3 favourite activities while bareboating?

We were pretty spoilt with activities on our holiday, but our top 3 would have to be:

1. Windsurfing – Nick’s childhood dream of windsurfing throughout the Whitsunday islands came true on this trip, which was pretty neat. It also meant that we made the most of a couple of windy days!

2. Stand Up Paddle Boarding – we explored a number of bays on SUPs which was a fun.

3. Snorkeling – always a favourite activity and always a different experience no matter where we jumped in.


While being on the boat, how could you explain your entire experience?

Thoroughly enjoyable. Being surrounded by nature and able to choose where you explore each day was amazing. It’s also one of those holidays where the journey (to the islands) is just as much a part of the experience as the destination. And we love that. The boat was amazing too. We had a heap of space and everything we needed.


How do you feel while being out there in the open water?

I loved it. Even when we were in the open seas, moving through swell in the rain. It was all a part of the experience and made it fun for me. I’m sure Nick won’t share all of my enthusiasm though, given he was the one sailing the boat and responsible for getting us safely from A to B!

Tyneal and Nick
Nick Ray & Tyneal Alexander 


















All images credited to: Tyneal Alexander and Nick Ray


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