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Sunsail requires a minimum of five days sailing experience (three days for First Mate), not including power boats, on a similar sized vessel prior to charter. If we deem your previous sailing experience to be inadequate/ unsuitable for the purposes of your charter, we reserve the right to enforce additional training or sail guides. Additional experience may be required for flotillas and sailing regattas.
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I confirm that all information provided to Sunsail is accurate, genuine and a true reflection of my abilities and experience. In completing this resume I understand that the accuracy of the above information is used to determine my ability to self-skipper a charter yacht in the resulting list of destinations and that inaccurate information provided may lead to a higher score, and therefore earn initial eligibility to charter in a destination that I am not qualified to charter in, and therefore could result in loss, damages and/or injury. To the extent permissible under applicable law, I acknowledge and accept that Sunsail accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or injury resulting from any inaccurate, false or misleading information provided. I further understand that inaccurate information may disqualify me from self-skippering a charter yacht and may result in any booking I make being cancelled or terminated with no right to a refund or any other sums whatsoever. In addition if it becomes apparent that the level of competency is not as advised, Sunsail reserves the right to put a Sail Guide onboard and such shall be done at the charterer's expense (whether for the whole charter, or until such time as Sunsail’ Sail Guide is satisfied that the nominated Party Leader and Crew can handle the yacht in a safe and competent manner). 

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